Representing numbers in different ways

Hi big little minds!

These two weeks in 3RB we have been practising different ways to represent numbers from 1 to 100. We have come up with 7 different ways, can you believe it? Numbers, words, numicon, dienes and ones, place value charts, part whole models and pictures (or objects). What is your favourite way of representing numbers?

IMG_5782IMG_5781IMG_5780IMG_5779IMG_5778IMG_5777IMG_5776IMG_5775IMG_5774IMG_5620IMG_5619IMG_5618IMG_5617IMG_5616IMG_5614IMG_5611IMG_5609IMG_5608IMG_5607IMG_5605IMG_5544 (1)IMG_5542IMG_5540IMG_5739IMG_5738IMG_5735IMG_5728IMG_5727IMG_5737